At Earls we’re committed to Conscious Sourcing. That’s why all our beef is raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or steroids and comes from Certified Humane® farms. After all, it doesn’t just feel good to do the right thing, it feels good too.

It tastes good to do the right thing.

Take a closer look at what we're doing

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Every ingredient matters

A great meal starts at the farm, not in the kitchen.

Animal Welfare is Key

All our beef is ethically-raised on Certified Humane farms.

This is Bigger than Us

Being sustainable and ethical benefits the entire planet.


What is Certified Humane® and does it matter?

Animals that are raised on Certified Humane® farms are treated with care, respect and dignity. These ranches are continually audited to ensure animals are humanely treated and ethically cared for from birth to pasture to pen. Additionally, for Earls, the harvesting facilities have been designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, a world renowned animal behaviorist, to ensure a calm, low-stress environment. It also results in beef that ultimately tastes better.

What does humane or ethically raised mean?

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It varies, but could mean access to fresh water, outdoors, less animals in a pen, more room to move around, no use of prods, use of non-reflective materials (cows don’t like brightness or noises), but the Certified Humane Association®, who have stringent regulations in order to certify a ranch, abattoir and beef, have specific rules.

What is the difference between Raised Without Antibiotics and Antibiotic Free?

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Earls uses beef that is Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA). RWA animals have never been given any antibiotics.

Antibiotic Free (ABF) means the animal may have been given antibiotics in its life. To be ABF at harvest, the animal's system must be free of antibiotics for an average of 100 days.

Why would beef need antibiotics?

Unlike Earls’ cattle, most cattle spend its last 3-6 months on a crowded feedlot. The feedlot is densely populated and when one steer gets sick, they all can. So, as a precautionary measure, most conventional feedlots give the steers a shot of antibiotics. Our supplier, Creekstone Farms, does not practice this as it doesn't use crowded feedlots and believes the best way to keep cattle free of antibiotics is to raise them in a clean, safe, healthy environment.

That's great about antibiotics but why isn't it Hormone Free?

Technically, all animals contain hormones. Earls’ ranches raise their cattle with no added hormones, growth promotants or steroids. Growth hormones are given to conventionally raised cattle on a feedlot to increase the speed in which they put on weight, or grow. At Earls, we do not believe that bigger-faster is better.

Is all your meat and poultry from the US?

No, we source cage-free eggs from all over Canada and the U.S., use Canadian-produced pork in all of our restaurants and use local free-run chicken, Certified Humane where possible, in all our locations.